What is structured Wiring?

Structured Wiring is a system that wires your home with high performance cabling and high quality outlets to support the latest technology like computers, audio/video equipment, telephones, security systems, lighting controls and many other devices. This wiring system equips your home with the ability to integrate high speed internet access, telephone systems, computing, cable TV, satellite, home automation and security for an enhanced living experience.

What is Cat-5E?

CAT-5E is a phone and data line used in structured wiring systems

  • As a telephone wire, Cat-5E allows up to 4 phone lines per location.
  • As a Data/Computer wire, Cat-5E can be applied for computer networking.
  • Cat-5E is used in Homerun Configurations.

What is CAT6?

Cat 6, short for Category 6, is a cable standard used mainly for Ethernet computer networking, security systems, and telephone services. Cat 6 cable is backward compatible with the Cat 5, Cat 5E, and Cat 3 cable standards. Category 6 cable is capable of transmitting voice and data up to 155 Mbps (mega bits per second), with a possible transmission frequencies up to 550 MHz.

Cat 6 is used to carry Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, and 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet) connections. Cat 6 cable is backed with more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise than earlier cabling standards.

Category 6 cable comes with four twisted copper wire pairs and each twisted pair is built of larger 23 gauge copper. The earlier model, Category 5, used 24 gauge copper wires. In wire gauges, a larger number means a smaller wire.

What is RG-6?

Quad Shielded RG-6 is a coaxial enhanced cable used for amplifying television signal strength to provide the highest quality viewing for Digital Satellite, Cable, or DVD movies.

If you wish to create a combination of cable and satellite, review your installation guide and replace the existing cabling configuration with RG-6 for an enhanced picture experience.

What is Whole House Audio/Video?

Whole house audio/video is a centralized audio/video system that allows you to broadcast a variety of A/V equipment or MP3 Server to every room in your home from a centralized source. This system is a clean installation with only the TV screens, speakers and wall mounted control keypad or wireless remote needed to experience Whole House Audio/Video System.

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is the full automation of all electronic components, security system, heating, cooling and all interior and exterior lighting of your home. This dynamic system allows the home owner to fully automate and customize a home’s environment by touch screen, keypads or remotely from any smart phone device. Home Automation allows “the home” to welcome the home owner with the right lighting, temperature and even your favorite music. These automated events are called “scenes” and can be tailored for entertaining guests with the right music and lighting, or can be set to turn off lights and your security system on at the end of your day.

What is a Home Computer Network?

A Home Computer Network connects all computers and associated components such as printers, scanners and allows file sharing through enhanced high speed cabling run throughout your home. This system allows every computer in the home to be wired to share a high speed internet connection and can be configured with parental controls to protect your children from inappropriate online content. Home Computer Networks can also be set up as a wireless network to access other computers, files, printers, MP3 servers for enhanced mobility to browse the internet from anywhere in your home, even pool side.

Why do I need CAT-5 cables?

  • CAT-5 is commonly used in the installation of additional phone lines (i.e. kitchen, living room, bedroom, garage, backyard)
  • CAT-5 is also used to add wall mount phones.
  • CAT-5 installation is required for Satellite when ordering pay per view movies, or special events, a phone jack in needed to be plugged in the satellite receiver.
  • CAT-5 cables are used as dedicated data lines for your home computer.

Why do I need RG-6 cables?

  • Today’s rapid moving technology requires cabling that can support various media configurations – all Satellite Systems require the use of dual RG-6 (Coax) to view TV and simultaneously record a favorite TV program.
  • RG-6 is an advancement to earlier coax cabling, it is durable and not prone to signal leakage or interference and can be cut to any desires length.

What is Pre-wire?

With technology rapidly advancing by leaps and bounds, your home’s wiring system has never been more important to discuss in the design of your home. "Pre-wire" is the way in which the wiring of your home is run while it is under construction. Discussing your wiring needs early on in the building process with an ESS Sales Consultant is an excellent way of planning for your technologies needs. We can discuss wiring options that will support your dream system and keep your home capable of supporting the latest in technology. Once you have selected your wiring scheme we begin wiring your home after the HVAC, electrical and plumbing have been roughed-in, and right before the insulation is installed.